What’s New in the BEAT-AFib Study in December 2023?

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New BEAT-AFib Updates

The BEAT-AFib Study Team is always listening to our participants’ feedback on how we can make this study better and in the past few months, we have created some new BEAT-AFib resources and app features for our participants. Scroll down to see what we have added to the study! 

Updated Replacements Coming for VivaLNK Patches!

In order to maintain the collection of quality patch data and to ensure you have the latest version of the patch, we will be replacing VivaLNK patches every year. We will be sending out emails to participants with older patches to coordinate sending you a replacement patch. If you notice any issues with the patch’s performance sooner than the year mark, please reach out and we can help you troubleshoot the issue.

BEAT-AFib VivaLNK Device Guide Updates

We have made a few updates concerning VivaLNK patch placement, and cleaning instructions, all of which have been added to the app and device guide (your instruction manual for the study’s apps and devices). 

The VivaLNK patch should now be placed ON TOP OF your left breast in a diagonal position to allow for optimal transmission of your heart’s electrical signals. This is illustrated in the app and device guide in addition to the back of the adhesive packaging. 

The cleaning instructions have also been updated to isopropyl alcohol use ONLY. We ask that you no longer use water to clean the patch to prevent corrosion of the electrodes, and please use alcohol wipes or 70% isopropyl alcohol applied on a soft cloth or towel ONLY. 

You may have received the updated guide if you had an in-person visit with us in the past few months, but you can access the guide here by clicking the button below!

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