Who funds Eureka?

Eureka (formerly known as Health ePeople) was launched with funding from the National Institute of Health to create a resource for Mobilizing Research. Eureka is run by researchers at the University of California San Francisco in collaboration with NIH personnel.  The Platform aims to be self-sustaining (without profit) through modest Platform Use fees.

What features does Eureka support?

Our features are evolving. Check out our current feature list on the Platform page, or contact us if you don’t see a feature that you want–chances are it exists or we can build it.

Which devices and apps can be connected to Eureka?

We connect to multiple devices and apps.  The list is constantly growing, with new integrations occurring regularly.  Our technology team can also integrate with new apps and devices as needed. Contact the Eureka team to find out more.

What kind of security features does Eureka provide? Are the data safe?

Our platform uses state-of-the-art HIPAA compliant cloud-based security system.  Read more about it here.

How do I get access to data from my Eureka-supported Study?

You will work with our Data Analyst on the best way to receive your study data. Reports can be automatically generated on a regular basis (e.g., nightly) and data can easily be obtained for offline analyses.

Who else can use my data?

You will own the data generated by your study, but our default policy is to ALSO include your study’s data in a de-identified platform-wide data warehouse that is publically available through a Data Use Agreement.  This policy is negotiable under certain circumstances.  Please let us know if you have questions about this.

Does my study need IRB/CHR approval?

Yes, you will need to obtain and maintain your own separate IRB approval for your study. The Eureka Platform is covered by an IRB approval that allows us to collect data on behalf of another investigator team, but the details of that project need to be covered separately. If your team decides to launch a study on the Eureka Platform, our staff has the resources to guide you through the IRB process as well as provide template materials for your IRB application.

Is there someone I can talk with about using Eureka for research?

Just email our team at help@eurekaplatform.org with a short introduction and a description of your research question!