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Public Studies

Health eHeart

Health eHeart is an ambitious study to end Heart Disease. Anyone can join -- whether you have Heart Disease or not.

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COVID-19 Citizen Science

This is a large study tracking the impact of COVID-19. Anyone can join—whether or not you have COVID-19 or have been vaccinated.

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Trial of Parkinson's and Zoledronic Acid (TOPAZ)

This is a research study for the prevention of fractures in patients with Parkinson's Disease and Parkinsonism. This study is enrolling people who have been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.

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Kinlist is an online resource for relatives of sudden cardiac death (SCD) victims. Kinlist helps families who’ve suddenly lost a loved one handle affairs and learn about their health risk with our assessment tool.

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The world’s largest pancreatic cyst research project. This study is enrolling people who have been diagnosed with a pancreatic cyst.

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Our study aims to understand the broader underlying causes of cancer. Your lifestyle and habits are key factors in our understanding of cancer. You can join whether you have cancer or not.

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Doctors at UCSF are collecting information to learn about quality of life, symptoms, lifestyle, and well-being for patients with neuroendocrine tumors. This study invites people with neuroendocrine tumors to join.

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Congenital Heart Initiative

Join the effort to improve the landscape of care for adult congenital heart disease (ACHD) patients. Adults diagnosed with ACHD are invited to join.

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This study hopes to find solutions and better treatments for people suffering from chronic low back pain.

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Invitation Only Studies


BEAT AFib is an ambitious study to develop better ways to predict, prevent and treat atrial fibrillation.

COVID-19 Test Us

Test Us aims to study new tests for detecting COVID-19 infection to help the United States re-open schools and businesses safely.

COVID-19 Test Us Kids

Test Us aims to study new tests for detecting COVID-19 infection to help the United States re-open schools and businesses safely.

COVID-19 Test Us Bank

Test Us Bank aims to collect samples to store for future research about the virus that caused COVID-19 and related viruses.


The goal of the UIUC COVID Detect study is to better understand different COVID-19 tests. Participants will be asked to self-collect daily saliva and nasal swab tests as well as to keep a daily diary of symptoms.


This study aims to empower women to improve breast health by providing information about long-term health risks due to radiation therapy and encouraging breast cancer screening.


CHIIP BP is a blood pressure study following up on the CHIIP study.

Studies Coming Soon

Eat Move Sleep

This study asks if health behaviors (like diet, exercise, and sleep habits) can slow or stop cancer growth or spread. This study is open to individuals who have been diagnosed with prostate, colorectal, or bladder cancer.

Tools To Be Fit

Eating healthy, being active, and maintaining a healthy body weight may lower risk of colorectal cancer recurrence. Cancer survivors, doctors, and researchers are working to optimize a program to help adults with colorectal cancer eat well and be active.


Biobank is a UCSF repository for samples. Researchers use samples from thousands of people to look for ways to diagnose, prevent, and treat health problems like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Completed Studies


This study explored how the Livongo Health Diabetes Management Program helped participants manage their blood glucose levels.


This study tested if biotin could improve disability and walking speed for patients with progressive multiple sclerosis.

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Healthy Hearts, Healthy Minds

This study tested if an online cognitive behavior therapy could help individuals with mood disorders who have or are at-risk for cardiovascular disease exercise more regularly.

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Brain eHealth

This study investigates whether a mobile cognitive assessment tool (BrainHQ by Posit Science) can detect associations between cardiovascular health, physical activity, and cognition in aging.


The Exploring Aspects of Survivors’ Experience of Pain (EASE) Study, is designed to examine chronic pain as well as emotional and physical health among adult survivors of childhood cancer.


The TREAT study investigates how meal timing affects weight loss as well as general health and wellness.

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The goal of this study is to help patients identify and eliminate their atrial fibrillation triggers.


This study focuses on creating evidence of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet's (SCD) effectiveness in reducing symptoms and inflammatory biomarkers in children with inflammatory bowel disease.

Tailor PCI

A follow-up registry for participants who underwent percutaneous coronary intervention and are being assessed for major adverse cardiovascular events. Participants in this study can share their phone location to automatically let researchers know if they were hospitalized.

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A pilot study to investigate the reduction of systolic blood pressure between an artificial intelligence-based clinical decision support system versus usual care in the management of hypertension.


This trial tests a if a bluetooth-enabled lighter could help people quit smoking.


This study tests whether coffee increases the frequency of premature heartbeats (atrial and ventricular ectopy). Participants in the study share their phone’s location to automatically notify researchers when they visit a coffee shop.

Alcohol Pilot

This study tests if participants assigned to consume alcohol in moderation or to not consume alcohol at all for one month were able to comply with their assignment to inform future study designs.

MyHeartLab Validation

This study evaluated the accuracy of a new smartwatch in detecting Atrial Fibrillation.

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The goal of this study is to determine whether data from devices like smartwatches can be used to assess changes in heart rate, heart rhythm, and tissue perfusion during standard cardiac procedures.

BP Home

BP Home is a national blood pressure study that aims to find out which types of home blood pressure monitoring technologies work best for helping patients get their blood pressure in a healthy range. Join BP Home to get a home blood pressure cuff at no cost and learn more about your heart health.