The Eureka Platform

  • Web and mobile app study experience
  • HIPAA compliant data infrastructure
  • Study management portal
  • Clean data reports ready to analyze
  • Consultation from our multi-expert team
  • Cohort of hundreds of thousands of Eureka participants

Our Core Features

Everything you need to build your online study.

Reach thousands of participants with remote enrollment

Eureka allows participants to enroll in your study on their own in the comfort of their own home. We have eligibility surveys, electronic consent, referral tracking, international and minor enrollment, and more.

Collect novel data

Collect data from apps, devices, wearables, and electronic medical records. You can also collect phone location data for various purposes, for example allowing participants to automatically report hospitalizations.

Trigger surveys and send reminder messages

Automatically send SMS messages, push messages, and emails to participants when study activities are available. Trigger activities according to your study design.

And more

Contact us to learn more about the many features we have available to allow you to build your study online from start to finish.

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