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Reach out to us at to set up a time to talk about your research project. If you’re ready to start a project, click below to complete our inquiry form. We look forward to hearing from you!

What kinds of studies do we build?

We can build all kinds of studies, including intervention studies, long-term registries, device studies, pilot studies, multi-center trials, ecological momentary assessment studies, and randomized trials.

What is the process like?

01. Design

Work with our team of experts to design your study. We’ll work with you to brand your study and create the best experience for your participants. The process all starts with an intake form.

02. Launch

Once your design has been built, we’ll test the functionality together and then open your study to participant enrollment. You can easily track and manage participant progress using our admin panel.

03. Analyze

Download consolidated survey report CSV files ready to analyze. Reports include how questions and answers match up across survey versions. All of your data is stored in HIPAA compliant S3 storage.

What features do you offer?

We have a robust and flexbile set of features to meet your study needs. Learn more on the Platform page.

When should I reach out to Eureka?

The sooner the better! Our experienced team can help with study design and grant content, and help you ensure an appropriate budget proposal.