Traveling for the Winter?

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If you have an upcoming trip this winter, check out our BEAT-AFib travel tips:

VivaLNK patch

    • If you’re due for a patch recording, you are welcome to bring your patch with you on your trip. However, you do need an internet connection in order to transfer the patch recordings to us. 
    • When passing through the airport security, if wearing the device, take it off from your body and allow TSA officers to screen the device. 
      • If you have a short trip (<5 days), it may be better to wait until after your trip to wear the patch.
      •  If you have a longer trip (>5 days) and have an internet connection, you can apply the patch after you’ve arrived at your destination.
    • To charge the device in other countries, make sure to use a standard USB (Universal Serial Bus) outlet. 
    • As a reminder, the VivaLNK patch is water-resistant, not waterproof, so if you have any water-friendly activities planned, such as swimming, it’s best to wait until after your vacation to wear your patch.

Eureka Surveys 

    • If you have time and are able to, please remember to complete your surveys in the Eureka app. 
    • You will need an internet connection in order to complete these. 


    • You can bring your Kardia device with you on your trip to take the weekly recordings. 
    • You can still complete recordings without an internet connection. Your recordings are stored on your phone until you have an internet connection.


As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions. Happy Holidays!

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