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COVID-19 Citizen Science Study Updates

For the past year and a half, study participants have answered surveys on a daily basis, providing insight into their experiences during the pandemic.

With COVID-19 testing and vaccines widely available in the United States, we are in a different phase of the pandemic than where we were a few months ago. COVID-19 continues to be a present factor in our lives, but government mandates, local restrictions, and individual comfort levels have all changed with the growing number of vaccinations. We aim to make our study current with these changing times. Additionally, feedback from our participants has helped to shape the types of questions and how often we ask them. To reflect the current state of the pandemic, we’ve made some big changes to the study:

  1. The Daily survey has been removed. Participants can still report any symptoms they may have had over the past 7 days during a Weekly survey instead.
  2. Many survey questions that are no longer relevant have been removed.
  3. We’ve added new questions that are relevant to the current state of COVID-19. Some were even submitted by participants!
  4. Participants can report a new vaccination during a Weekly survey. If a participant has already reported that they are fully vaccinated, we’ve got that on file!

We continue to remind participants when there are study activities to complete through push messages, SMS text messages, and/or email.

We appreciate the dedication and commitment to the study from all of our participants!

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