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Which Type of Masks Do Citizen Scientists Wear Outside the Home?

I have a years-old habit of checking that I have my wallet, house keys, and cell phone before leaving the house.  2020 added a new item to the “Can’t Leave Home Without” list: a mask.  There have been too many times to count where I have stepped outside my home, only to run back upstairs to grab my forgotten mask.  I have a few clean masks stashed in my car, and various backpacks so I’m never without one.

There are many types of masks, both store-bought and homemade. On September 25, 2020, we asked Citizen Scientists, “Which type of mask do you usually wear outside the home?”

“Surgical” = 2,869

“Valved N95” = 177

“Fitted N95, no valve” = 649

“Knitted” = 293

“Cotton, single or double layer” = 9,056

“Gaiter-type neck fleece” = 302 

“Bandana, single or double layer” = 164

“I don’t know” = 65

“I don’t wear a mask outside the home” =  84

“Other” = 569


Thanks for wearing a mask to keep others safe!

Total responders 12,514*

*1,403 people indicated wearing more than one type of mask, so the sum of all mask types is greater than the number of people who responded to the question.

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