What’s New in the BEAT-AFib Study in December 2022?

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New BEAT-AFib Resources and Features

The BEAT-AFib Study Team is always listening to our participants’ feedback on how we can make this study better and in the past few months, we have created some new BEAT-AFib resources and app features for our participants. Scroll down to see what we have added to the study! 

BEAT-AFib App and Device Guide

We understand that it may feel overwhelming to keep track of all the different apps and devices that we use in our study. To help with this, we have created a new, comprehensive BEAT-AFib guide (your instruction manual for the study’s apps and devices!), which includes frequently asked questions and instructions on how to use all the various study apps and devices. You may received a copy if you had an in-person visit with us in the past few months, but you can access the guide here by clicking the button below!

How to Change The Frequency of  The VivaLNK Patch Notifications

Is the 5-day patch alerting you while you sleep or at inopportune times of the day? Well, due to popular demand, VivaLNK and our study team have introduced a new feature in the Multi Vital Monitor app, which allows you to set a “Do Not Disturb” mode and change the frequency of notifications that you receive everyday. For instructions on updating your app and changing the notifications settings, click the button below. Before making any changes, please reach out to the BEAT-AFib Study Team for guidance on optimally setting up this feature.

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