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Citizen Scientists Return to School and College

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Over 9 days from October 12 through October 21, we asked COVID-19 Citizen Scientists about their experiences with returning to school and college this Fall, and we heard from 19,480 people!

1196 participants told us that they are teachers who have returned to in-person teaching at least some of the time. Of those, 92% (1106/1196) said they wear a mask in their classroom.

Our teachers reported an average of 30 students per classroom. 71% (850/1196) of in-person teachers reported that all of their students wear masks in the classroom, but 3.5% (42/1196) said none of their students wear masks in class at all!

We also asked participants about recent return to school experiences in their own families.

3485 participants told us they are a parent with a child who has returned to school (K-12) in-person, of which 77% (2678/3485) said masks are required in their child’s (or children’s) classroom(s).

Among participants who said they are college students, 62% (173/280) said they’ve returned to in-person classes and 40% (109/280) say they are currently living in a shared space such as a dormitory.

Thank you to all our COVID-19 Citizen Scientists for sharing your experiences with us!

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