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Introducing Our New COVID-19 Risk Tracker

The COVID-19 Citizen Science study has allowed investigators to identify risk factors and readily modifiable behaviors that impact COVID-19’s spread. Sixty thousand participants worldwide returned over 11 million daily surveys about symptoms, behaviors, economic conditions, and other factors.

Thanks to your contributions, we’re able to share a new COVID-19 Risk Tracker:


Behaviors, daily symptom reports, and other factors reported by Citizen Scientists paint a picture for policymakers, who play a critical role in identifying trends and guiding the public. Data visualizations like the COVID-19 Risk Tracker allow decision-makers to react faster to mitigate infection risk in the community.

Check out our interactive COVID-19 Risk Tracker to see how CCS participants’ daily, weekly, and monthly reports have changed over time in the San Francisco Bay Area. (Pro Tip: click and drag the black bar on the COVID Trends graph to select a date, or click the blue Play button to watch the map change through time!)

We are working hard to expand the map beyond the Bay Area and roll out updates across the United States in the coming weeks, so bookmark this site and check back often to find your county’s data!

Thanks for your continued participation and generous contributions to this vital effort! As always, we value your feedback, which you can send to us at

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