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Do Citizen Scientists Receive Routine Healthcare and How Many Know Someone Who Tested Positive for COVID-19?

The last week of June, we asked Citizen Scientists a two-part question about their routine health care, and a third question about how many people they personally know who tested positive for COVID-19. These questions were submitted by Citizen Scientists from a Qualtrics survey.

Kassy from California submitted the two-part question:

Since January 1, 2020, have you seen your healthcare provider for a regularly scheduled visit or immunization?

For the 574 or (51.81%)  participants who did not receive regular healthcare, 574 Citizen Scientists responded to the follow up question:

Are you avoiding your regular healthcare visits due to concerns about COVID-19?

During the 6 month timeframe, about 35.54% of Citizen Scientists avoided their regular health care visits due to COVID-19 concerns. Interestingly, a significant percentage of Citizen Scientists did not receive regular healthcare for the first half of 2020.

The next question was submitted by Ramona from Pennsylvania:

How many people do you personally know who have tested positive for COVID-19 (PCR or antibody)?

Altogether 51.53% of Citizen Scientists didn’t personally know someone who tested positive for COVID-19. While about 48.47% personally knew of at least one person who tested positive and 29.97% knew of at least 2 people who had tested positive. The total number of people that Citizen Scientists personally knew who tested positive for COVID-19 was 1,454 people! That’s more than the number of people who responded to the question!

These questions provide additional perspective on COVID-19’s impacts-  while raising more questions! Stay tuned while we continue to shed light and understand how COVID-19 affects Citizen Scientists across the world!

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