BP Home Study Results

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The BP Home study team published their findings on at-home blood pressure monitoring in a new manuscript. This study asked if using a “smart” Bluetooth blood pressure cuff that connects with a smartphone application led to a greater reduction in systolic blood pressure than using a standard, non-connected blood pressure cuff. A total of 2,101 participants enrolled and were randomly assigned to use either a standard or Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure cuff to monitor their blood pressure at home. Participants were then sent a blood pressure monitor that corresponded with their assignment. Researchers then assessed participants’ reduction in systolic blood pressure at a clinic visit at baseline and at a 6-month follow-up visit. Notably, the intervention in this randomized, controlled trial (ie: the type of BP monitor) was delivered and monitored entirely via the Eureka app!

The analysis concluded that using a Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure cuff over a standard blood pressure device did not provide superior results for reducing systolic blood pressure at 6 months, though a reduction of about 10 mm Hg was found in both groups. Furthermore, the Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure cuff group attained controlled blood pressure (<140/90 mm Hg) at a significant, though modestly higher, rate.

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