About Eureka

Our vision

A healthier world because discoveries are accelerated.


Our mission

To provide a technology service that makes medical research faster, cheaper, and easier for participants.

Our commitment to participants

We cannot accomplish our vision without your generous giving of your time and information, which is why:

    • We make sure you have total agency and control over what you contribute. You can stop contributing at any point and we always give you all the information you need to make fully informed decisions.
    • We are committed to consistently improving your experience to make participation as easy and fulfilling as possible.
    • Your privacy is our top priority, which is why data security drives all of our technical decisions.

Our commitment to researchers

We provide expert technology services so you can do more science.
Building an app and web platform with HIPAA secure data storage is not an easy or inexpensive task, and it doesn’t make sense for every lab to be reinventing the wheel. That’s what our team of experts is here to help with. We can enable you to shift your resources to doing more science, spreading your findings, and translating your discoveries into better health outcomes for patients.

We are here to accelerate medical research, not accumulate profit.
We are a non-profit organization within the University of California San Francisco and we are consistently working to be more efficient in order to reduce the cost of building studies. Our cost structure is designed to sustain our infrastructure without building profit.

Our story