About Eureka

Eureka is a digital research platform, sponsored by the NIH, designed to facilitate mobile and internet-based medical or health-related research for any interested investigator. The Eureka platform is available to anyone who wants to conduct medical or health-related research, including NIH investigators, university or other non-profit investigators, industry investigators or others.

The Eureka platform is designed for mobile research broadly defined as any research utilizing mobile applications (apps), sensors, connected devices, and/ or the Internet, or for investigators seeking to leverage technology to enhance the efficiency of human subject-based research. The Eureka platform includes an engaging participant-facing “front-end,” a study management  portal, a secure “back-end” for data storage and analyses, and a cohort of volunteers interested in contributing to research.

Our Mission

The mission of the Eureka Research Platform (formerly known as Health ePeople Resource for Mobilizing Research) is to enable discoveries to make the world healthier by providing an easily-adapted infrastructure for researchers to conduct technology-enabled research. Our team has the following specific aims:


To provide an infrastructure for efficient data collection storage that can be configured to support internet-, sensor- or mobile phone app-based research studies.

To engage a diverse population who wish to participate in technology-enabled research, help them find relevant research studies, and support and streamline sharing of their data with those studies.

To create a repository of mobile health data for analyses.

Our commitment to researchers

We will provide a nimble, cost-effective, and efficient platform designed to help you save money, time, and resources so you can shift those resources towards spreading your findings and translate your discoveries into better health for patients. Our cost structure is designed to sustain our infrastructure (capture expenses) without building profit and to be a cost-effective solution for researchers. Our costs are a fraction of the cost required to build a new app or website. We are a non-profit organization of University researchers.

Our commitment to participants

Successful research requires a deep commitment to participants.  We are committed to delivering high-quality, impactful research studies to the Eureka community of volunteer participants.  We are committed to keeping data private and secure. We are committed to  help researchers use data donated by the Eureka community of volunteer participants to make the biggest and most positive impact that they can make.